Memoirs From The Thick Of It

by B.jamelle

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"Memoirs From the Thick of It", a series of colorful short songs chronicling an average day's worth of musings which in turn inspire the song-writings of B.jamelle the artist.


released October 9, 2012

Produced in part by 00Genesis, Columbia Nights
(Bonus Tracks) Dre King & Slimkat78, Bagir-ba

All songs written/arranged/performed by B.jamelle with the exception of vocals contributed by Bilal Salaam, featured in "Murder"

Project in it's entirety mixed by Slimkat78 w/ the exception of "Sun Surfing" which was mixed by Hayling Price of Columbia Nights

Cover Image by Allen Johnson of Creative Thought Media

All songs included in skits are available for download at



all rights reserved


B.jamelle Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Sun Surfin'
A million miles away, a thousand yesterdays
a hundred measures of pace from

a care in the wide world
care in the wide world

A nifty little ray of sun found me today
the golden warmth of heaven on my face *sigh*

no cares in the light world
throw care to the night world

it's alright

and although they seem to weigh
a ton you'll be ok
so cast of all those cares and get a taste of
the wares of this wide world
Track Name: The Omen (Horoscope)
I kept a clipping out of the paper
It read my life in black and white
I knew I'd mull it over but later
Somehow the stars realized my plight

I'm underwater on dry land
I warm my feet on foreign sands, although I've never left here
I carry dreams in both my hands
I plant my heels in hearts unmanned
I guard my face with tears

With a born soul and lifted eyes, I'll survey the sky
to dry and find the reason why the stars are trippin' me up
I'll poll the moonlight about every line
in my paper.

I felt abler
I could feel my fear take flight
With so picturesque and omen of greater
I could brave the black of night

I knew my destiny was planned
my latter feats would all be grand
these words were heaven sent here
I'll plant the seeds my fields command and
the doubt that interferes aband that my faith's in gear

Track Name: Murder (feat. Bilal Salaam)
Never consider rate or time
there are more substantial things to mind
You're limitless and any confines are mere
figments of faith resigned

be vigilant and reality

will yield the things you've planned to be
you'll taste the sweet of bitter green
while looking back on things foreseen
on/up/forward and even further

Indifference is murder.

To lean and to not stand is a - warm blooded murder
To sit on one's own hands is a- murder
To carry seeds and not plant them - warm blooded murder
To let fear kill a dream is a - murder

The idle mine in time maligns
the greatness in you by design
Be it ruler, king or less refined
we're ALL here purposed to be divine

With fervency your reality
will start to mirror your dreams
everything you've hoped to be
you'll be called eventually

On... Up... Forward, and even further!

Indifference is murder.