by B.jamelle

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Single release from upcoming LP, "Pearl & Pulse"


Born of infinity,
in August,
sure as sky
and mystery snuck out from her in plumes.

Heir to all antiquity; a marvel for the eye
sister of eternity.
She'd bloomed.

Passing storms aren't her matter, as the sun tarries at her gate, and the moon keeps the tide at bay
She lives outside the rule of night or day

Maybe...she's god's?
maybe she's the god we're all thinkin' of?



When from the depths of me fear and angst would ascend my spine
with the menacing vigor of a climbing vine, they are stalled;
at the heel of my head.

They are blinded by radiant darkness, and it is my crown
Calm and black as the Universe,
blotting out rogue sparks
-that might elsewhere be farmed and felt and known and called "feeling"-
are only caught here in my crown of blackness,
tangled up in the velvet night,
the nothingness,
the perpetual moment that never began or passes,
the jet-black of all creation.


*Repeat Chorus*


released March 7, 2017
Produced by Slimkat78 & B.Jamelle
Written/Arranged/Performed by B.Jamelle
Bass performed by Dennis Turner
Mixed by Slimkat78



all rights reserved


B.jamelle Washington, D.C.

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